Mega Fishing,slot games,jili369,casino bonuses,slot machine

In the case that the fishing slot machine are all similar, how does Mega Fishing differ from other games? Three game modes are thoughtfully designed for players. There are also rewards that can be randomly obtained casino bonuses when defeating a huge BOSS. Come to JILI369 to experience the capture head for free. Award it!

Mega Fishing - Casino bonus multiplier for catching fish

Mega Fishing,slot games,jili369,casino bonuses

Mega Fishing - Slot Games tips to Make Rewards

Mega Fishing,slot games,jili369,casino bonuses

Torpedo: Torpedoes cost 6 times the bet, but also help you kill big fish faster.

Mega Fishing,slot games,jili369,casino bonuses

Railgun: Railgun needs to spend 15 times the bet amount. Its power is that its attack is like a chain, which can connect all the surrounding enemies at once to cause damage and get multiple money at one time (if you kill the diamond crab, you can also get the maximum multiple bonus).

Mega Fishing,slot games,jili369,casino bonuses

Awakened Boss: After killing the giant crocodile, it will attack all the fish schools on the table, and all the fish it kills will become your rewards!

Mega Fishing,slot games,jili369,casino bonuses

Mega Octopus Wheel: Golden Wheel will appear when you kill Mega Octopus, and you will have the chance to win the biggest prize 950 times casino bonuses!

Mega Fishing - three game modes

Mega Fishing,slot games,jili369,casino bonuses

Newbie room-Recommended for beginners

This slot games mode is most recommended for novices or players with less capital to play. 

The betting range is from the lowest 0.1 to the highest 10. Relatively, the money you can get from killing the enemy is relatively small. The lowest bet is 0.1 to kill the weakest fish. 

You can get 0.2~0.3 yuan. The fish in this mode are very easy to kill. Players can easily achieve a sense of accomplishment when they watch their own screens and keep jumping out of money. 

This mode is not limited to novice players. Veteran players may also come back here to earn a little money because they have not played well in the field with higher odds. In short, no matter what type of players they are, this mode is suitable for playing.

Honor room-high reward

This slot games mode is most suitable for masters or players with high stakes. It is not recommended for novices to play. 

The betting range is from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 100. The minimum betting threshold is already 10 times that of the novice mode. Although the relative profit is much more but There is a high risk. 

You can get 2~3 yuan by killing the weakest fish with a minimum bet of 1. If the betting range is increased to 100,

 you can get a hundred times the money. The most attractive thing about this mode is that there will be Mega Octopus. 

It is also the biggest reward casinp bonuses in this game. 

When you kill the Mega Octopus, a Golden Wheel will appear on the screen. You can get a minimum of 100 times and a maximum of 950 times the reward, making  Jili369 players want to take the prize home.

Joy room-most popular

This slot games mode is unanimously recommended for both beginners and experts. 

The betting range ranges from a minimum of 0.1 to a maximum of 50. This range just takes care of all kinds of players. You can try to find effective funds here to beat the school of fish, and then Challenge to the Honor room.

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